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February 17, 2004: a Hebrew translation has been contributed by Yoni Bar-Lavie, from Israel.

May 5, 2001: an Arabic rLogo Reference has been provided by by Dr. Mahmoud Badr, Associate Professor, College of Education - Zagazig University - Egypt.

rLogo is an easy to learn programming language designed for the World Wide Web. It is based on the Logo programming language.

Here are some sample rLogo programs:

1. Spokes
2. Snowflake 1
3. Snowflake 2
4. Wheel
5. Flower
6. Growing Flower
7. Rolling Shapes

To get started programming with rLogo, try The rLogo Tutorial. (If you have a small screen, this version may be easier to work with: Small Version)

Next, you might wish to consult the rLogo Programmer's Reference.

To learn how to incorporate rLogo programs into World Wide Web pages, see rLogo Runtime.

Also, here is the source to rLogo. It is in the public domain. If you add to rLogo, please consider protecting your investment with the GNU Public License.

For more information about Logo (the language that inspired rLogo) check the USENET group comp.lang.logo.

by Randall P. Embry

(this page is available at http://www.embry.com/rLogo)